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About KFAS

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) continues on its 40-year journey to harness science, technology and innovation in Kuwait, as well as to promote modernization, a better quality of life and a sustainable future for the Kuwaiti people. In line with the long-term vision of the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah and supported by leaders in the private sector, an Amiri Decree was issued in 1976 for the establishment of the Foundation, with a focus on advancing and integrating science, technology and innovation (STI) throughout the country. 

The Foundation’s efforts toward fostering STI to address national challenges first began through the pledge made by the private sector shareholding companies to fund the Foundation based on a set percentage of their annual profits — currently at one percent — as well as through the incorporation of a unique governance modality, in which the Board of Directors is chaired and appointed by the Amir of the State of Kuwait. Today, KFAS’s impact is prominently embedded within the country’s scientific and technological accomplishments and advancements.

Under the new KFAS 2017-2021 strategy, the Foundation has renewed its commitment to play a leading role as a catalyst for supporting efforts to transform the country into a knowledge-driven economy. This includes investing in human resource development and driving research projects that provide innovative solutions to challenges of national priority.

The Foundation’s strategic objectives have focused on promoting and harvesting STI for four main stakeholders: society at large (especially the youth), the research community, the private sector and the government. Programs and initiatives have been developed to promote and advocate STI through the dissemination of knowledge via several strategic channels, including scientific publications as well as sponsoring and organizing community-based events.

Through collaborations with local and international institutions, efforts are also aimed at raising the quality of research and driving innovative solutions for key areas of national priority. Furthermore, the Foundation continues to work on enhancing the development of a competent private sector by investing in its human capital and increasing investment in STI. A key part of the Foundation’s new strategic plan is dedicated to supporting strategic partnerships with international centers of excellence, in order to foster and promote the advancement of its strategic objectives and the national innovation ecosystem. The Foundation has also established and funded specialized centers of excellence to implement the Foundation’s strategic objectives, addressing national challenges through research and innovation.

The Foundation will continue to advance its strategy, acting as a catalyst for the integration of a rich scientific culture into the fabric of Kuwaiti society and enabling a sustainable, knowledgeable and robust economy.