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Dr. Nagwa Abdel Meguid

Prof. of Human Genetics - National research Center, Cairo, Egypt


Dr. Meguid is a Professor of Human Genetics and the Head of the Department of Research on Children with Special Needs at the National Research Center (NRC) in Egypt. She is the Clinic Domain for Special Needs and Founder of Autistic Disorders Clinic in the NRC and one of the pioneers who accurately diagnosed, delineated and published autosomal recessive disorders in Egyptians because of the high prevalence of consanguinity. She has used her expertise to identify and describe several novel genetic syndromes, and has added new syndromes to the medical literature. At the same time, Dr. Meguid heads the laboratory of research in DNA and biochemical changes in genetic behavioral disorders. She holds a doctoral degree in Human Genetics, and is a Senior Geneticist at the Genetics Institute in Pasadena, California. She is also a fellow of Uppsala University in Sweden.

Dr. Meguid was one of five selected scientists to win the outstanding L’Oréal UNESCO Award for Women in Science for Africa & Middle East in 2002. She became a member of the National Committee for Women in Science and Technology and was a member of the International Jury L’OREAL-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science from 2008 to 2012. She was also given the Distinctive Arab Female Scientist Prize Creative Women in Genetics by the Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain in 2009. She was also given the National Award for Scientific Excellence in Advanced Technology in 2009, and the National Research Center Appreciation Prize in Medical Sciences in 2011. Finally, she was awarded the National State Award of Excellence in Advanced Medical Science Technology in 2016.

Dr. Meguid has supervised over 50 graduate students. She has more than 120 national & international publications in the field of Neuroscience and Human Genetics. She is a member of the Gender Research in Africa into Information Communication Technologies for Empowerment (GRACE) through the International Development Research Centre in Canada (IDRC). She was also a member in Bioethics Network on Women's Issues in the Arab Region in 2011 and the Head of CONEM Norway Child Brain Research Group.