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Dr. Angus Whyte

Senior Research Data Specialist at the Digital Curation Centre - University of Edinburgh


Dr. Angus Whyte is a Senior Research Data Specialist at the Digital Curation Centre, University of Edinburgh, since 2007. He is responsible for developing online guidance and consultancy to research organizations, to support their development of skills and capabilities in research data service provision. He has co-led the Policy and Practice WP in FAIRsFAIR since 2020 and previously, in the project EOSCpilot, led the development of the skills framework FAIR4S. Dr Whyte has a background in social informatics and Computing, working as a post-doctoral researcher in e-democracy for ten years, designing platforms for e petitioning and e-onsultation, and leading the development of evaluation frameworks. He has a BSc in Computing from Edinburgh Napier University, and a MSc in Information Management from the University of Strathclyde, where in 1998 he completed his Ph.D. research in the co-design of hypertext-based policy and guidance materials.