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Dr. Rawa Soud Al-Jarallah

Associate Professor - College of Engineering and Petroleum - Kuwait University


Dr. Al-Jaralla is an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at Kuwait University, specializing in environmental engineering. Her area of specialty is applicable to both the diagnosis of and solutions for "environmental problems". She earned her doctoral degree from University of British Columbia, in which she focused on Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) and contaminated sites rehabilitation. Her integrated approach is unique, as it synthesizes the fields of landfilling, biodegradation and leachate treatment. In short, this practical integration addresses the environmental concerns associated with solid waste long-term environmental impacts. During the completion of her Master’s degree at Oregon State University, she worked on treatment of heavy metal contaminated water using adsorption mechanisms. She also received a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering from Kuwait University.

Dr. Al-Jaralla has been working in the field of environmental engineering since 1994 when she joined the Kuwait Municipality Environmental Team during their extensive research program on ISWM. Since then, she has continued her research in the area of ISWM and water pollution control and treatment. Dr. Al-Jaralla has 17 years of experience of academic and professional experience in adult learning and instructional design from teaching at Kuwait University in the Department of Civil Engineering. She also uses her knowledge and experience to help the Office of Consultation and Career (OCCD) clients, design professionals, decision makers and the general public, through designing and delivering several professional training courses and private consultations. Dr. Al-Jaralla previously served as the Assistant Director of Kuwait University Construction Program, responsible for managing the construction of the new campus. She was also a board member of Kuwait Environmental Protection Authority (KEPA).