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Eng. Nada Al Mesfer

Senior Strategic Planner - Kuwait Oil Company


Nada Al Mesfer has a rich experience in the Oil & Gas industry. She started in Schlumberger as a field engineer and reached several international executive management positions within her 12th year career path there. She has a vision in developing Kuwaitis and local talent in the Oil and Gas private sector and was the founder of the Private Oil Sector Union, where she became the first female Founder & Chairman of a Union in Kuwait. In 2013, she joined the Kuwait Oil Company, as senior engineer responsible for different projects focusing on reaching national production targets (Production Optimization & Project Management).

She has received several awards for her contributions, such as the Women of the Year Award in 2015 from Abu Dhabi and the Leadership Excellence for Women Award from Bahrain in 2015. That same year she received the Kuwait Oil Company recognition on the Production Optimization Project and reaching 3 MM barrels of oil per day, for the 1st time since 1970s. She was awarded the BEST MEA GFE Project in 2003 for CemNET technology Implementation in Kuwait and received recognition from “ChevronTexaco " for Implementing the First Worldwide Application of LiteCRETE UL 7.5 ppg in Kuwait. She received a Schlumberger Bronze Award and Silver Award for her work with the Shell Project and the Qatar Petroleum IRDV, respectively, where in 2010, Qatar was also awarded.