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Dirk Saelens

Professor “Energy in Buildings” and head of the Building Physics Section - KU Leuven/ EnergyVille


Dirk Saelens is a MSc graduate in architectural engineering and has a PhD in Civil Engineering both from the University of Leuven. After his doctoral studies Dirk Saelens left the academic world for a while to become a project engineer at VK Engineering, where he was responsible for designing and simulating energy conscious buildings. In 2008 Dirk Saelens re-joined the KU Leuven and is currently professor “Energy in Buildings” and head of the Building Physics Section. He is also active in EnergyVille where he is responsible for the academic aspects of Buildings and Districts. Furthermore, he is the current president of the IBPSA-NVL branch (International Building Performance Simulation Association Nederland-Vlaanderen). His main area of expertise is the assessment of energy and comfort in buildings and urban environments. He (co-)authored over 100 reviewed international publications in journals, international conference proceedings and is (co-)supervisor of 7 finished and 7 ongoing PhD thesis's in the field. He membered several (over 30) PhD reading committees & examining boards inside and outside KU Leuven. He and his team actively participate in different national and international research projects. Among others he is sub-task leader in 3 IEA EBC Annex research projects (Annex 58, 60 and 71) and is one of the work package leaders of the current IBPSA Project 1 (BIM/GIS and Modelica Framework for building and community energy system design and operation).