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Prof. Venice Gouda

Emeritus Research Professor - The National Research Center in Egypt


Dr. Gouda is Emeritus Research Professor at the National Research Center in Egypt. She is an electrochemist and holds a doctoral degree from the Cairo University and a Doctor of Science from the Ain Shams University. Her field of research includes material science and applications, metals, and corrosion management.

Dr. Gouda was Minister of Scientific Research in Egypt from 1993 to 1997. She achieved several important milestones while holding the post, including developing the National Science and Technology Policy, formulating a number of priority technology strategies, revitalizing and reengineering the 13 research and development institutions affiliated to the MOSR, and establishing a 5-year strategic plan. She has also served as an independent expert for the European Commission and has participated with several partners from northern and southern Mediterranean countries in conducting three projects from 2000 to 2009.

Dr. Gouda has received several awards and honors, including the International Fellow Award of the National Association for Corrosion Engineers, the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences Award, an Honorary Certificate for Scientific Excellence in Applied Sciences, and the Field of Corrosion (Arab States Level) award. She was also selected as the Best Woman in Science and Technology by the Third World Academy of Sciences and Technology, among 10 eminent women scientists in developing countries. On the national level, Dr. Gouda was awarded the Medal and Symbol of Sciences and Arts of the 1st order in 1975 from President Anwar El Sadat, and was given the Gold Medal State Prize of Merit in Basic Sciences, in 2004, from President Hosni Mubarak. She has authored and co-authored over 120 publications and has 2 patents.