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Dr. Yaser Abdulraheem

Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering - Kuwait University


Dr. Yaser Abdulraheem obtained his PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2014. His PhD was in the field of Ferroelectric Materials and Devices. Dr. Abdulraheem joined Kuwait University as a faculty member in the Electrical Engineering Department in May 2014 where he engaged in teaching and developing the curriculum at the EE department on both undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. Abdulraheem joined numerous committees at Kuwait University and was mainly involved in the design of the Semiconductor Cleanroom facility at the new Sabah Al-Salem University City. Dr. Abdulraheem was also involved in establishing several research laboratories at Kuwait University, including the Kuwait University Nontechnology Research Facility (KUNRF), where he remained as an active member of its management from 2007 until present, and the Kuwait University Semiconductor Research Facility (KUSRF), which he has been managing from 2008 until present. Dr. Abdulraheem also was awarded several research grants and managed several research projects funded by both Kuwait University and KFAS, most notably of them is an international collaboration project on the Development of Crystalline Silicon based Solar Cell Technology, funded by KFAS. This project which is an international collaboration between imec, Belgium and Kuwait University has been ongoing since 2012 and has entered its second phase in 2015. Dr. Abdulraheem has authored and co-authored many journal and conference papers in the fields of nano-scale materials science and engineering, ferroelectric materials and solar cell materials and devices.