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Dr. Adel B. Gougam

Assistant Professor (Materials Science and Enginerring faculty) ME department - Khalifa University of Science and Technology – KU – (Masdar City campus)


Dr. Gougam’s areas of expertise are Photovoltaic device fabrication (Si wafer based) and nanostructures design/processing. Including a number of layer deposition techniques (PECVD, PVD), clean room processes, and semiconductor device physics. Electrical characterization of nanostructures (semiconducting and metallic nanowires). Prior to joining Masdar Institute (now part of KU), he was heading the task force on heterojunction based Si solar cells at imec (Belgium) focusing on back contacted cells. Prior to that he spearheaded the work of an R&D team of a solar cell company in Canada working on proprietary PECVD system to develop a-Si/c-Si heterojunction solar cells and worked in north American universities as a research associate (MSE department, university of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the physics department, Michigan State University, East-Lansing, MI, USA).