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Rick Dumont

Senior Business Development Manager - imec


Rick Dumont is Senior Business Development Manager for IOT and Smart Buildings at IMEC in The Netherlands. He has a long history in marketing and business development, working in several emerging business areas at NXP Semiconductors like wireless charging and digital cordless telephony (DECT) and the transition from analog to digital video. He started working at NXP in 1992 (then Philips Semiconductors) after graduating from the University of Technology in Eindhoven as a Master in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, with a thesis on coherent optical fiber transceivers at the Philips Research Laboratories. After a decade of working in new technology development, including the worldwide rollout of cellular telephony networks at the start of this century, Rick has dedicated his career to bridging between technology and products in their end-markets, both in a role as director of technology sourcing at NXP as well as technology marketing director for emerging technologies, and currently for IOT business development at IMEC in The Netherlands.