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Rashmi Shiju

Senior Compliance Officer, Office of Regulatory Affairs Department - Dasman Diabetes Institute (DDI) since the year 2012.


Besides, she is a member of Ethical Review Committee of Dasman Diabetes Institute for more than 2 years. She holds post graduate degree in pharmacy from Nagpur university, India, post graduate degree in diabetes, care, education and management from University of Dundee, Scotland and certificate in program of regulatory affairs from Bioinformatics institute, Noida, India. She has total 20 years of experience including India and Kuwait in the fields of quality and ethics compliance. She has spearheaded the compliance program in Dasman Diabetes Institute to ensure that the research conducted in DDI is in accordance with national and international guidelines. She has created bill of rights booklet for the patients in DDI to know their rights as research participants. She has conducted periodically ethics training and workshop for the researchers in DDI. She has actively participated in the Qmentum Canadian accreditation process and drafted ethical framework for the institute. She is the admin for federal wide assurance for DDI’s IRB. She is a member of IRB forum.