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The increasing ubiquity and impact of science and technology on our careers, businesses, lives, and societies owes its origins to multiple developments.

Exponential improvements in computing power, the global embrace of the Internet and social media, breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Internet-of-Things, world of connected devices and equipment, the advent of revolutionary new materials and 3D printing, electronic currency and payment systems, the brave new world of life science with the potential to create life from scratch and to change life as we know it, the pursuit of synthetic food, the quest to replace fossil fuels with new sources of sustainable energy, the new-found enthusiasm around big data and analytics, a growing “gig” economy with human agents managed by algorithms, and vaulting flights of imagination as we probe and explore the heavens above, to name but just a few. Register now and see how you can better identify specific leadership and management challenges and opportunities associated with businesses’ growing science and technology needs.

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