The program



The Nexus final workshop is a one-day event which explores some of the key results from a one-year Kuwait Programme, LSE Middle East Centre research project in collaboration with LSE Grantham Research Institute.

The research project focused on the water – energy – food nexus in Kuwait through a comparative case study approach of different nexus in the Gulf (Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia). This workshop will be organized in two sessions. The first will consider the nexus in Kuwait, the different scales involved and the changes in water, energy and food trade-offs and synergies over time, while the second will analyze recent developments in global carbon pricing and the impact this might have on Kuwait’s nexus. Jointly organized by LSE Kuwait Program, LSE Grantham Institute, and KFAS, this workshop aims at bringing together Kuwaiti policymakers, institutional representatives, local experts and academics to discuss the final results of the LSE project.

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