The program



As part of KFAS Inspo, this talk will focus on local teams work on Space and satellite projects and the efforts currently made to reach the long term goal of starting a Space Program for Kuwait.

This talk will feature Dr. Bassam AlFeeli and Dr. Yaser Abdulraheem, who are both part of a different team working on launching Kuwait's first CubeSat.

They both have the mutual long-term goal of sparking interest in their space projects to promote youth getting into STEM education, and also to encourage Kuwait to start a space program.

They will talk about their own experience and journeys, and their current projects, and how by using the two different approaches they are all united in their big picture goals. They will talk about the importance of creating multiple interests from several groups all focused on space so they can reach their final goals even through diversity in their approach (funding methods, recruitment, targets, etc.) which helps them compliment each other.

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