The program



Why do the realms of teaching and research exist separately when they are exercised closely under the same roof? The notions of ‘research’ and ‘learning are meant to be integrated. The focus of this talk is to bring research back into the learning process. Research Based Learning also known as RBL connects the three dots of research, teaching and learning. Students become active participants in the teaching and learning process while faculty are considered active researchers who embed their findings into the curriculum.

An integrated framework for RBL is presented based on seven components: Teaching and Learning Strategies, Connecting Learning, Teaching and Research, Student and Faculty Partnerships, Faculty Training and Required Skills, A Research Based Curriculum, Learning Outcomes for Teaching Research Skills, and Student’s Presentation Skills. In addition, a roadmap for embedding research into the Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate (CDIO) Syllabus will be presented.

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