The program



Building on the success of Space Generation [Kuwait] in March 2018, and the success of the Moon Village workshops organized in Europe in 2017 by the Space Generation Advisory Council, the idea of the Space Generation Moon Village – [Kuwait] has emerged. This workshop aims to spread the idea that the access to space is getting easier, and the moon can provide potential benefits for countries such as Kuwait. The theme of the workshop is “Challenges and Opportunities for Kuwait to Participate on Colonizing the Moon”.

There are two outputs from the event. The first output will be recommendations represent the youth of Kuwait under the theme of the workshop discussion. Those recommendations will be presented during UN COPUOS – Vienna. The second is pitching a moon initiative for the Kuwaiti privet sector. The moon initiatives are examples for Kuwaiti entities (profit or nonprofit) that utilize potential business, engineering or science opportunities when a moon village is initiated. It is proposed that the Moon Village Association, the “Critical Services” working group is to mentor the workshop participants. Pitching moon initiatives will be in the form of a competition, in which several teams will be evaluated by a judging committee. The winning team will win a trip for the Space Generation Congress and the International Astronautical Conference in Washington DC 2019.

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