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Dr Zlatko Nikoloski

Doctor - Zlatko is a development economist. His recently completed PhD contains papers revolving around the economic crises-poverty/inequality-institutions nexus.


His publication record covers papers published in the Journal of Development Studies, Journal of International Development and Review of Economics and Institutions. Growing up in Macedonia during the economic transition years, Zlatko also developed keen interest in the impact of the process of transition in CEE/FSU on human development. In that respect, he co-authored a paper that sheds light on the impact of privatization on mortality rates in the transition region, as well as the EBRD’s Life in Transition Report (2011). His most recent work includes EU’s funded project on assessing the cost of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina and EBRD’s funded report on diversification of the heavily-oil-based Russian economy. As Principal Investigator for the Middle East Centre’s Kuwait Programme-funded project ‘Estimating the Burden of Diabetes in Kuwait’, Zlatko will analyse the link between diabetes and healthcare utilization in Kuwait and aims to critically evaluate the existing preventive measures (by also doing a comparative analysis with the rest of the Gulf region), with the view to reduce the overall economic burden of diabetes in Kuwait. His professional background includes years spent as a staff member of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC, as well as consulting positions with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Office of the Chief Economist) in London. He is also currently involved in World Bank research projects assessing the impact of the recent crisis on health/nutrition in Russia (using RLMS data) as well as the impact of the crisis on coverage/generosity of social protection programmes in a handful of so-called transition countries.