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Abdul Nabi Al-Ghadban

Symposium Chairperson / Executive Director of Environment and Life Sciences Research Center - Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research


Abdul Nabi Al-Ghadban is Executive Director of Environment and Life Sciences Research Center at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR). He holds Ph.D. in Oceanography from the University of Wales. Prof. Al-Ghadban interest is in Marine Geology, Sediment Transport, Environmental Impact Assessment and radioecology. He supervised several training courses in some of the above-mentioned fields. He also supervised several research projects including 2 major projects towards the establishment of “Kuwait Environmental Information System (EIS)” at KISR. Abdul Nabi has co-authored over 80 reports. He is a member of several Environmental Committees inside and outside KISR. He was honored with 2006 KFAS award for the best scientific production. Prof. Al-Ghadban held the responsibility as a Technical Coordinator for phase one (1998-2003) and leader for marine and coastal cluster to assess the environmental damage related to the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. He contributed in several scientific books such as the Gulf’s Ecosystem Health and Sustainability (2002) and the oceanographic atlas of Kuwait’s waters (2004) and manuals such as the Manual of Oceanography Observation and Pollutants Analyses Methods (MOOPAM) of ROPME (ROPME 1996 and 1999). He participated in several expert meetings at ROPME and has contributed in three Cruises in the Arabian Gulf. He has more than 60 papers, conferences and presentations as well as Arabic publications and supervised 4 graduate students.