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Dr. Manaf Behbehani

Acting Chairman of Department of Biological Sciences, Kuwait University -


Manaf Behbehani is a pioneer researcher on the Kuwait Marine Environment. He has conducted classical studies of Zooplankton in Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf and has undertaken extensive research on the intertidal macrofauna in Kuwait especially the taxonomy and distribution of Mollusca in the Kuwaiti waters establishing the most up-to-date reference collection of the Mollusca of Kuwait. His work and those of his graduate students have added considerable knowledge on the diversity of life in the Kuwait Marine Environment. Dr. Behbehani has 40 years of teaching experience in the fields of General Ecology, Marine Biology and Ecology, Invertebrates and General Biology. He has also organized and conducted many training courses in Marine research. He is Chairman of the Wild Life Protection Committee of the Kuwait Environment Protection Society which has recognized him as a pioneer environmentalist. Previously he has occupied the post of Marine Scientist at the Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment and has acted as consultant to the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), The Kuwait Environment Public Authority (EPA) and KFAS. Currently he is Acting Chairman of the Department of Marine Science, Faculty of Science, Kuwait University.