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Bader Al-Anzi

PhD - Chairman, Kuwait University


Bader Al-Anzi is the chairman of the Department of Environmental Technology & Management at Kuwait University and a research affiliate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, Boston, USA. He has joined the Department of Nuclear & Engineering at MIT as a full time visiting scientist from 2013 to 2014 and a research affiliate from 2014 until present time. Having completed graduate studies in chemical engineering from renowned universities, his research experience includes wastewater treatment, desalination, two phase flow/aeration, corrosion, bioengineering, air pollution control and solid waste management. He has authored several papers, 1 book, 16 non-provisional US issued patents, 2 European patents and more than 7 non-provisional US pending applications some of which were filed in MIT. He was a judge, a speaker and a chair for international awards and conferences. He has also worked in several governmental organizations that focus on water desalination and wastewater treatment projects. He is the principal investigator (PI) of several national and international research projects, including an on-going Kuwait-MIT desalination project worth USD 5.5 million. He supervised PhD & MSc students from engineering departments exploring unconventional wastewater treatment processes individually and jointly with MIT and other organizations. He was the MIT committee member for one of the PhD candidates. He received several national and international prizes/awards as recognition for his work, and one of his invention has been manufactured and certified by American Aerators Company in USA to be used globally for water and wastewater treatment.