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Wed 27 Mar

08:30 - 12:00

Next Generation Brine Desalination and Management Seminar

Kuwait’s coast is located in one of the shallowest and most saline sections of the Arabian Gulf which brings about many challenges in seawater desalination. Discharges from Kuwait’s desalination plants return high salinity brines to the Gulf, resulting in environmental impacts to the coastal region. On the other hand, wastewater discharges to the Gulf have low salinity, but may drive eutrophication of coastal waters. In this seminar, Professor J Han and his team from MIT in collaboration with Professor Bader Al-Anzi from Kuwait University will share their findings of a multi-pronged investigation to derive novel solutions to the following challenges: 1) Electrical desalination for brine management to enhance the efficiency of the existing desalination plant 2) Pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) and reverse electrodialysis (RED) membrane-based technologies to recover energy from concentration differences between water streams. 3) Innovations in surface coating and microfluidic separation processes for increased engineering reliability