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Redha Al-Hasan

Professor, Biological Sciences - Kuwait University


Redha Hasan Al-Hasan is Professor at the Biological Sciences in Kuwait University. He holds a PhD degree in Marine Biology - Ecophysiology from UCN Wales. He was appointed as the Dean of the faculty of Sciences for 7 years. He contributed to the development and upgrading of the technical facilities in the college and development of interdisciplinary programs such as major degrees in Marine Science, Environmental Sciences and Financial Mathematics. His research interest is in the field of marine ecophysiology with emphasis on the marine picocyanobacteria studying their role in the biodegradation and bioremediation of oil polluted marine environment. Published over 60 articles in international peer-reviewed journals. Focusing on establishing biotechnological applications for the bioremediation of hydrocarbon polluted marine environment. Dr Al-Hasan contributed to the society as consultant for the environmental affairs committee at the Parliament of Kuwait; Member of the advisory committee for environmental damage assessment claims (PAAC); member of the committee for evaluation of the strategic plans of the EES division in KISR; member of EPA administration board and its advisory research committee; convener of the central environmental laboratory (CEL) steering committee; and senior technical advisor for the central committee to supervise the implementation of projects related to environmental remediation (KNFP) 2009-2010. He was also the Representative of the State of Kuwait in IOC-UNESCO 2003- 2008.