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Fahad Al Senafi

Associate Professor, Marine Science Department - Kuwait University


Fahad Al Senafi is a physical oceanographer at the Marine Science Department of Kuwait University. He received his PhD in Oceanography from Texas A&M University 2015. During his PhD, he worked on mixing processes associated with the Shamal wind event off the coast of Kuwait. Dr Al Senafi specializes in the use of turbulence profilers to gather high temporal resolution physical data. The objective of his work is to allow prediction of present and future scenarios, such as those resulting from extreme weather events and climate change, which require incorporation of accurate physical and turbulence parameterization in numerical models. Fahad’s research focuses on: 1) dynamics at the air-sea interface, 2) small scale physical processes in water bodies, 3) Interactions between internal waves and turbulence, and 4) Impact of extreme wind events and dust storms on ocean circulation. His ongoing projects include: 1) Internal Wave Climate and Turbulence Mixing on the Continental Shelf off the Kuwaiti Coast, 2) Examining upwelling dynamics in the Northwestern Arabian Gulf, 3) Biotechnological Applications of Marine Biofilms Developing on Solid Surfaces in the Arabian Gulf.