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Prof. Jassim Al-Hasan

Ex Director of the Marine Science Center, Kuwait University -


Jassim Al-Hassn is the Ex Director of the Marine Science Center, and Ex Dean of the Faculty of Science at Kuwait University. Professor Al-Hassan holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from University of Wales, Swansea. Dr Jassim’s work in recent years has been geared toward moving away from the use of antibiotics. His interest in toxins from local toxic fishes lead him to focus on wound healing research, utilizing components from skin secretion of the Arabian Gulf Catfish. The major achievement of his forty-year research career is identifying a pharmacologically active components deduced from catfish skin. His new catfish-based medicine, which he calls Kuwait Drug, is still undergoing further analysis. He is currently working with MD Anderson Cancer Center to find out how it works on infections, wounds, diabetic foot ulcers in addition to cancer. Professor Al-Hassan has several publications in peered-reviewed journals, and holds two patents for Method of Producing Wound Healing Preparation, and treatment of Muscle Spasm, Edema and Dermatological Conditions using Epidermal Gel Secretion from an Arabian Gulf Catfish. He also authored several books.