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The field of behavioral science has revolutionized how we approach decision making , The name of a product, the placement of a checkout button, the boldness of a form’s font, the flow and feel of a back office process – these are miniscule, minor design decisions you make every day and without much deliberation across your businesses. Yet each alone has the power to fundamentally shift what your customers buy, when your employees engage, and where your reputation stands in the eyes of the public.

In this talk, Chicago Booth Professor Linnea Gandhi will share everyday examples of these small decisions yielding outsized impact, exploring their patterns using principles of psychology, based on the latest research and examples. Too often, businesses aren’t even aware of this impact and neglect how they may be “nudging” (making certain behaviors easier) or “sludging” (making certain behaviors harder), creating “slime” (taking advantage of stakeholder psychology) or being “selfless” (making sacrifices to promote stakeholder interests). Professor Gandhi will help attendees start to recognize the power of these patterns and how they could start to identify them – and make changes to – their own business decisions.

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